Custom Creations

~ In Loving Memory ~ Gayle MacRae – July 2023 ~

Elaine Grant commissioned this barn quilt as a gift for her brother Andrew in honor of their beloved Mom, Gayle MacRae, who passed away April 5th, 2022. 

Prior to her illness, Gayle ran MacRae’s Rocky Ridge Maple with her husband, Alec and their family for thirteen years. She kept her family organized with supplies and sales at the door, kept the fire going in the sugar camp, as well as kept them fed during the long hours when the sap was running each spring. Gayle never stopped working or really slowed down until cancer struck. Always in the garden or in the woods, Gayle was known for her amazing baking skills which she passed down to her kids and grandkids. 

It was an honor to hand paint this custom piece with raspberry pinks (a color Gayle looked so good in!) the maple leaves for their family business and the strong hearts for the enduring love and memories that the MacRae family hold dear.

“when cardinals are here, angels are near”

~ Kathy & John Storyboard Barn Quilt – July 2023 ~

Thank you Kathy & John of Marshville, Nova Scotia. Their custom barn quilt is a hybrid that includes a bit of sign work and many hours of hand-painting to capture their life story on an outdoor art piece. It was fun to work with Kathy as she generously shared their serendipitous life journey. Certainly not all of their milestones are included on the barn quilt, but the centerpiece is Christ Church Cathedral in Montreal where they met and three children were christened. Their adventures eventually brought them to Nova Scotia where they settled in beautiful Marshville. Kathy and John are dedicated swimmers and the ocean they overlook always beckons. Throughout the busy years, they maintained their musical interests and there has always been a cat (or two) to approve of all the ‘goings on’. 

Thanks once again for the opportunity to paint a barn quilt for your home. It was a privilege.


~ BELOVED 36″ Custom Barn Quilt – May 2022 ~

Many thanks to Judy for contacting DJ’s Barn Quilts and commissioning me to paint ‘Beloved’. Her wish for an abstract piece of outdoor art to celebrate a one-of-a-kind cat named Hudson and a bigger-than-life Grandfather was a most satisfying endevour. 

Many of the elements in Judy’s Beloved barn quilt will only be understood by those who knew the grace of a dear Grandfather and a personality-abundant cat, both of whom Lived Life Large.

With Judy’s permission, I have included her words of thanks (below) for her barn quilt. It is with deep gratitude that I recognize how wonderful it is to have these special projects under my brush. 


“It’s absolutely perfect! I love the representation, but I’m beyond amazed at how you’ve captured the intangibles. It’s the best part of memories, the parts that make you smile and be grateful, in a forever piece of art.”

Judy ~ Brule, Nova Scotia

~ Danish Bond 12″ Memorial Barn Quilt – June 2021 ~

My custom pieces are usually 24″ and up, but this small painted quilt was created for a Very Special Lady who lost her dear partner far too early. The symbolism of their unique and joyful love story was incorporated in the elements chosen for the personalized design. 

Together, they shone like the sun, the moon, and the stars. They enjoyed “competitive cooking” (yes, that was one of their things!), vast gardening, canning, winemaking, traveling (near and far), music, lively conversation, much laughter, avid reading, long walks, and so much more…

I believe the Very Special Lady intends to hang her Danish Bond barn quilt in her garden. They spent a lot of time working outside on projects that made their outside spaces more beautiful and comfortable. As a loving couple, somehow they made everything seem like great fun.


~ Sea Glass Beachcomber – March 2021 ~

‘Sea Glass Beachcomber’ is a recently painted 48″ Barn Quilt. It was inspired by the colors of glass found on Melville Beach, Nova Scotia. Thank you for the jar of beautiful beach glass Sandy Murray! 

Walking our beaches barefoot (or in a favorite pair of comfy flip-flops) is almost guaranteed to bring us peaceful thoughts and that ‘in-the-moment’ kind of happiness. It’s the sort of activity that stays with us and creates visceral memories to tide us through (pun sort of intended!) our long Maritime winters. Who can’t recall exactly how it feels to beachcomb, even though you may currently be wearing layers of wool or, being teased once again about how hot you keep the home fires burning. Yes! I confess, I do burn a lot of wood! 

~ Mary Bertha, In Loving Memory – February 2021 ~

A hand-painted custom barn quilt for the Conoley family.

Thank you Rodney, Kayla and Craig.

~ ButterTrail Natural Goods has a brand new sign! – January 2021 ~

Kim Langille’s store is located at 215 Main St., Tatamagouche. Her store is filled with products to help us all “live well…age well”. I have been taking a tsp a day of Nature’s Finest Probiotic (by the Cultured Coconut) and I’m convinced that it has kept me well all year. I often ask for and follow Kim’s advice and (most of!) her healthy living suggestions. She has years of hands-on experience, extensive product knowledge  and she truly listens! 

Kim was very specific about her vision for a hand-painted sign. It had to be simple, interesting and interactive. The curve at the top accentuates her cool logo, the black background clearly shows her store name and tag-line. The bottom of the sign is chalkboard which gives her the versatile “sign-voice” she wanted to have with her community. In these cold winter months, she may only chalk-in her hours and phone number, but there’s enough space for more detailed and/or creative ‘chalk-posts’ once the weather warms up!

This was a fun and satisfying project. Barn Quilts “are my thing” but creating a business sign was a challenge that I very much enjoyed.

Thank you Kim!