Customer Reviews

Blue Heron Barn Quilt Panel (variation)

It is beautiful. Beyond my expectations!!”
~Mary Baird, Cumberland County 

Fraser Valley Farm – Custom Design

A huge thank you to DJ from DJ’s Barn Quilts for creating, painting and delivering our beautiful custom Barn Quilt! 
We couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out, and we can’t wait to hang it up on our barn for everyone to see!”
~Lauren – Fraser Valley Farm  – Hardwoodlands, NS

Lighthouse Series – Custom Design

“We are so very happy with it! Thank you!!!”
~ Julia Langille – River John, N.S.  

Seaglass Beachcomber – Custom Design

“Proud to have a DJs Barn Quilt in “The Northeast Kingdom” of Vermont.”
~ Jane Rolland  

In Loving Memory ~ Gayle MacRae  – Custom Design

“Mom would have loved this, can’t wait to gift it and get it installed. You definitely outdid yourselves and we will be back. ❤”
 ~ Elaine Grant 
MacRae’s Rocky Ridge Maple
Nuttby Mountain, N.S

Anniversary Barn Quilt  – Custom Design

“It’s as awesome as it looks. Thanks so much DJ . Clair & Pauline” ~(comment on my DJs Barn Quilts Facebook from Clair’s Classic Antiques) 

36″ Christmas Cactus  – Custom Design

“Love, love, love it!!”
  ~ Anne Nixon ~ Calais, Maine  

36″ Bright Star – Custom Design

“First of three. Cannot wait to see what else you’re going to come up with. We love it!❤”
  ~ Johanne & Chef Alain Bosse – The Kilted Chef, Pictou County 

48″ Our Dog Peat – Custom Design

“Thank you so much! We absolutely love it! And it was so lovely to meet you both.❤”
  ~ Susanne @TheShearingFeltCo – Grand Etang, Cape Breton 

72″ Bloom Where You’re Planted – Custom Design

“She’s up! I absolutely love it! I can’t recommend DJ’s Barn Quilts enough! She does fantastic work!”
  ~ Donna MacDonald, Centurymac Farms

36″ DuBois Family – Custom Design

“We’ve been outside to admire our Barn Quilt several times! We love it!”
  ~ Wendy & Dave DuBois, Charlottetown, PEI

24″ Cat Eyes – Custom Design

“I already got a ton of compliments (on my barn quilt). It’s so pretty!”
  ~ Emilie, Bible Hill, N.S. 

36″ True North Barn Quilt – Custom Design

“What a fun experience! Thanks DJ’s Barn Quilts for your professionalism, suggestions, installation, and, of course, your creativity!”
  ~ Amy & Matthew, Mattatall Lake, N.S. 

24″ Anniversary Gift – Custom Design

“Our parents love it !!! They had been admiring them (djs barn quilts) unbeknownst to us, so it was perfect!!! They have not put it up yet, as my Mother plans to freshen up the wall where it will hang outside, but delivered & very much loved & appreciated!!”
  ~ Lindsay (Laura & Blair) 

30″ Birder – Custom Design

“Hello DJ, Well two days in and I have given away all your business cards!  We are just absolutely loving this.”
     ~Karen ~ Bayfield, NS 

36″ Longhorn – Custom Design

“It looks amazing and Justin absolutely loves it. Thank you for bringing our vision to life 🙂  It’s exactly what we wanted.”

36″ Beloved – Custom Design

“It’s absolutely perfect! I love the representation, but I’m beyond amazed at how you’ve captured the intangibles. It’s the best part of memories, the parts that make you smile and be grateful, in a forever piece of art.”

24″ Ziggy – Custom Design

“Thank you for delivering the beautiful quilt!”
     ~Mary Jean

24″ La Sainte Paix-The Holy Peace

“My parents put up their art. They just love it and they get a ton of compliments on it!”
     ~Emilie @MagentaCatStudio

ButterTrail Naturals, Tatamagouche (business sign) 

“As always excellent mural works. Never fades or deteriorates from sun exposure. Thank you DJ
     ~Kim Langille-Owner